If the challan of the vehicle is not filled yet, then get ready for strictness! PUCC and permits will not be available, Delhi Traffic Police sent a proposal ,

In the capital Delhi, now preparations are being made to increase strictness against those who do not pay challans. Vehicle owners whose challans are pending or those who have not filled the challans for a long time will not be given important documents like Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) and permit. The Delhi Traffic Police had sent this proposal to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Now the proposal for amendment in the Motor Vehicle Rules has been forwarded to the Delhi Government.

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According to the information, there is also a demand in the proposal to ban giving health certificate of such commercial vehicle drivers who have not filled challans. According to Delhi Traffic Police officials, a large number of vehicle owners do not file challans every year. In view of this, it has been decided to tighten the rules.

10 percent filled invoices

If we look at the figures for the year 2021, only 10 percent of the total challans have been filled. Rest of the invoices are pending. According to the traffic police, last year a total of 50,91,592 notices were issued through SMS, post for red light jumping, over speeding, stop line etc. Of these, only 5,71,479 vehicle owners filed challans.

So far these decisions have been taken

Linkage of mobile number at the time of renewal of registration certificate
Mandatory to provide mobile number while getting PUCC
Process for issuing and making payment of invoices in electronic form
In respect of the challan issued, the authorized police officer can stop the violator
If the challan is not filled after the stipulated time period, then the license renewal or vehicle registration of that person should not be done.

complain here

For any complaint regarding challan coming incorrectly, online after filling challan or for any complaint related to challan by mail to Delhi Traffic Police's mail address tirlvddtp@gmail.com, delhitrafficpolice.nic.in with complete details including your vehicle and challan number. can. One can also contact Delhi Traffic Police's round the clock helpline numbers 1095 and 011-25844447/25844444/23914049

1.5 lakh challans not canceled even after two years

In the year 2019, the Delhi Traffic Police had announced the withdrawal of around 1.5 lakh challans on National Highway 24 between August and October. These were decided to be withdrawn because on NH 24 from Ghazipur to Nizamuddin Cut in Delhi border, the Public Works Department had put up 70 kmph boards and vehicle owners were being challaned at 60 kmph only. But these invoices have not been canceled yet. It can still be seen online on people's RCs.

60 invoices

According to the driver Sandeep Kumar, there are 60 challans on his car. These challans are from NH 24 and other places. which have not yet been cancelled. It is still seen mounted on the RC on the mtransport app, so that the car cannot be sold to anyone. Cannot transfer car. If the police catch you on the way, then it bothers you. They demand that the traffic police should cancel them. Been waiting for this for two years.

the bike was at home

According to Rajendra Pal Singh, a resident of East Guru Angad Nagar, he has received a challan for speeding his bike on February 25 at 5.12 pm at Sea Bazaar. But, he claims that the bike was at his house at the time shown in the challan. Similarly, every day more than 30 complaints come to Delhi Traffic Police for challan of wrong number, number not showing properly. This troubles people.

Delhi Police Deputy Commissioner Spokesperson Suman Nalwa said, “Appropriate action will be taken on the cancellation of challan after taking full information from the traffic police officials. People can mail to the traffic police regarding challan related problems. You can get complaints and information on the helpline number.

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