Drivers should avoid traveling around this station of Delhi Metro, police issued advisory

New Delhi, Jagran Digital Desk. If you travel by your private vehicle around West Enclave metro station on Magenta Line operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, then this news is of your use. 

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Actually, there will be a problem of jam here during the next 2 months. According to the Delhi Traffic Police, construction work is going on around Delhi's West Enclave metro station. In such a situation, there will be a problem of jam here, in such a situation it would be better to use another route to save time, because the construction work of Delhi Metro is going on by barricading the 2 lanes of the roads here. In such a situation, there is a traffic jam here throughout the day.

According to the information received, due to the construction work of Delhi Metro, the traffic on the road has become narrow. It is obvious that there is a bottle neck-like situation here and there is a jam here throughout the day. The situation is that instead of 2 lanes, now only 1 lane is left, due to which vehicles have to go through only one lane. Vehicles are taking less than 30 minutes to travel a few minutes. There is some relief in the afternoon, but during peak hours, drivers face more problems in the morning and evening. According to the information received, traffic remains disrupted from red beacon of Magenta Line's West Enclave metro station to Mangolpuri.

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Traffic will remain disrupted at West Enclave Metro station during two months due to the construction works of Delhi Metro. Metro construction work is going on, so the road here has become very narrow and the speed of vehicles remains slow throughout the day. In this regard, the Delhi Traffic Police has advised the drivers to avoid this route during 2 months and use this route only after taking extra time if necessary. Alternatively, drivers can use nearby routes like Mangolpuri A Block, Maharishi Valmiki Chowk, Guru Gowalkar Marg, Guru Harkishan Marg etc.

Know about - West Enclave Metro Station

There is also a vehicle parking facility at the West Enclave metro station under the Magenta Line. Feeder bus facility is also available here. Apart from this, the availability of ATM is also available here. In addition, the West Enclave Metro Station is also a terminus station on the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro.

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