Looking at the Corona case, I want a maximum of 7 days....

Corona cases decreasing in Delhi

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Delhi has just gone through a very painful scene Oxygen | ICU bed and lot of facilities which Delhi residents could not get on time due to which there are so many houses, who lost their sons and daughters, husband and wife, many more. Not knowing how many people were unemployed due to lockdown, the last few days of Delhi were very painful. Due to continuous lockdown, today 4000 cases are coming to Delhi every day due to Corona

Keeping in mind the Corona case to be reduced in Delhi, CM Kejriwal claimed to open the lockdown at the earliest 

It is also said with the claim that if you cannot take care of yourself, no government will be able to keep you and you will have to fight the Corona together with the entire Delhi residents. Delhi government is always with the people of Delhi.

Remember that even after opening the lockdown, at least it is not out of the house, when it is very much needed, only when you get out of the house, we have to keep in mind that the Corona case should not be increased again in Delhi, otherwise the lockdown can be faced again. Is

Looking at the Corona case, I want a maximum of 7 days and lockdown. If you people support the Delhi government, then Delhi Corona will be free. 

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