Why cryptocurrency decreased so much

 Why cryptocurrency decreased so much

Image source - Google | Image By Manas Tiwari 

Elon musk CEO of Tesla Motors tweeted - We are going to launch some of our currency.

Let us know why cryptocurrency has reached such a high price | elon musk said in a statement that you can buy shares of tesla company only from cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin etc. Everyone knows tesla company is not a normal company. The cryptocurrency prices have skyrocketed all over the world where the price of 1 bitcoin had reached 4287032 according to Indian currency, from a statement of elon musk has come down from 4287032 to 2762665 Indian Rupee.Sudden cryptocurrency prices have caused a lot of losses to many people. According to a report, the largest buyer of cryptocurrency was from India.

If seen, it caused a lot of damage to India or to the citizens of India.

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