Kangana ranaut - why twitter account...

 Kangana ranaut twitter account suspended

Kangana Ranaut joined the Koo app in February. (Photo: Kangana Ranaut/instagram)
After all, why did twitter account suspended - Kangana ji says in the 2002 Gujarat riots, our nation's Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a hand, we all know that Modi ji had nothing to do with Gujarat Hummos - as all BJP workers They speak and they have also given evidence of this
Kangana ranaut - She is always in the discussion, she takes a mark on an actor, sometimes on the PM of our country.
Now the twitter has closed his account forever - Kangana always uploads some kind of post to create an atmosphere of tension in the country - Post provoking all - Such post which can cause mutual dispute. Not once, again and again, because their account is always taken off
Black whites - Black whites, now Kangana ji says, O blondes, we always consider the brown people to be small - (differences of color) What do you think?

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