Lunar Eclipse 2021: Today is the first time of the year, seen on Buddha Purnima

Lunar eclipse 2021

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Since when did the major lunar eclipse of 2021

* According to Indian time, it will start from 2.17 in the afternoon till 7.19 in the evening. The main darkness of the shadow will begin at 14:14 and the full shroud will begin at 14:43. The lunar eclipse will be at its peak at 16:48 and the shading will end at 16:54. Full duration of lunar: 5 hours 2 minutes.

In which zodiac and constellation will the lunar eclipse be

* On May 26, the lunar influence will remain in the Scorpio zodiac and Anuradha nakshatra. Due to which the effect of this lunar eclipse will be on the highest zodiac.

Sutak period of lunar eclipse 

* The Sutak period begins 9 hours before the lunar eclipse. Despite this, the deadline of sutak will not be valid on 26 May in Kafan.

Where will the year's major lunar eclipse appear?

* The main lunar opacity of the year can be seen in South Asia, East Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

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