central government vs state government

Supreme Court granted relief to Delhi

Image Source : Google | aajtak
The Supreme Court threatened the central government in the interest of Delhi, we can not see it all in silence, if you are silent then we have to work with you. The Supreme Court condemned the Prime Minister of India even in this corona time The Supreme Court wants to push the people of Delhi - We do justice, it is our duty to provide justice to all, then there is a minister in it or the general public. So the state government will have to face a lot of trouble

Image Source : Google | aajtak

Due to this decision of the Supreme Court, the people of Delhi came to know today because at this time in India, the state government vs central government is going on, due to the absence of Modi's government in Delhi, Modi says to not help Delhi at all. Our CM Arvind ji, with the people of Delhi, looking at his hands in front of Modi ji, many times it seems that now such a thing will not happen. 

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